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ACC Nursing students practice CPR skills during simulated clinical activities

Austin Metro’s #1 Educator of Healthcare Professionals

Start your career in health sciences. Whether you’re looking for ACC’s nursing programs, dental hygiene, phlebotomy, or other degrees or certificates, Austin Community College provides the training you need to enter the healthcare field.

We offer state-of-the-art training facilities, experienced faculty who practice and teach, and a hiring pipeline to local employers.

  • Leading NCLEX (state nursing exam) pass rate
  • RN to BSN in 12 months
  • RN and LVN career re-entry options
  • Simulation-based learning
  • 100% license pass rate for many programs
  • 100% job placement for many programs
  • Hands-on clinical training

Programs in this Area of Study

Continuing Education

Visit ACC Continuing Education’s Health Sciences programs and courses here.

Updates from this Area of Study

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Inside this Area of Study

ACC Health Sciences students practice skills in the ACC Regional Simulation Center at ACC Highland Campus.

Immersive Learning Experiences

Students enrolled in Health Sciences programs at ACC have access to advanced learning simulation centers at ACC Highland. The ACC Regional Simulation Center provides immersive learning experiences using state-of-the-art technology and the best practices in simulation-based education. It features a simulation operating room, labor and delivery suite, and emergency room.

Enrolling in ACC’s Health Sciences Programs

Get started with the General Studies in Pre-Health Sciences program.

Students start with the General Studies in Pre-Health Sciences Program track. This provides the prerequisite credits for any Health Sciences major at ACC or transfer to a four-year university. 

Your advisor will help you register for the right courses for your desired major and determine if any previous coursework meets these prerequisites. 

Note: Admission to ACC does not guarantee admission as a health science major, as these programs have additional requirements.

Choose your program.

Choose your plan and course of study from ACC’s Health Sciences Area of Study credit programs and continuing education options. 

Investigate degrees, certifications, and continuing education programs that will move you toward your career goals. 

You will find: program details, prerequisites, award plans, and program maps.

Apply to ACC.

Our application process is straightforward, but we have advisors to help. Once you’ve decided on a program, choose General Studies in Pre-Health Sciences as your major. An advisor will help you choose the program map that is best suited to your degree goal.

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